Cold Embrace ~

Sin duda, una preciosa canción que cambió mi vida... Bueno, en realidad no tengo nada más que poner.

Canción: Cold Embrace
Artista/Grupo: Dark Lunacy
Album: Devoid
Año: 2000

Missin' you
Wish for your Cold Embrace
Cold Embrace...

The shadow's takin' all my days
The blacklands' cleaving
All my vision
Help me to .... my end
Take me 'till .... I'll shine

Like a rainbow, in this nightfall
Like a shadow, in my dawn
A smile for my demon's cry
A tear for my demon's sleep

I sorround
Where dreams are layin' down
Wander. over cryin' pathways
I can feel you callin' my name...
A smile for my demon's cry
A tear for my demon's smile

Climbin'... down
Fallin'... high
Burnin'... Blind
Through my longest night,
Of my life, of my eyes

Shades on me
Shine in front of you
I can't see, i'm scared of you
.... I take a care of you
The shadows' takin' all my days
The shadows' takin all my days
The blacklands cleaving
All my vision

My days...